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Sandy Frost

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Sandy Frost is an Alaska Native (Aleut/Athabascan) investigative journalist who writes for, a subsidiary of Her 45 years of journalism experience includes daily news, daily copy editing, radio news, technical writing, content writing and magazine writing. Sandy began writing online fifteen years ago with an emphasis on investigating nonprofit corruption.

Thirty days after concluding a three year investigation into the finances of a nonprofit group of retired spies (more like a "knife fight in a phone booth" than journalism), Sandy was contacted by a Shriner whistle-blower and a former IRS agent. The Shriner asked her to investigate his own and she has, for the past ten years, exposed their secret sub-group, the Royal Order of Jesters, with members convicted of violating the Mann Act. Federal prosecutors and FBI agents have described the Jesters as a group that operates a nationwide network of human trafficking, including trafficking prostitutes to a national meeting in Canada.

Those prosecuted include a former NY State Supreme Court Judge, his law clerk/former Erie County prosecutor, a former police captain and an Erie County Deputy Sheriff. It was recently discovered that two U.S. Congressmen used campaign contributions for Jester membership dues, with one also paying for Jester "event registration."

Two weeks after being contacted by the Shriner whistle-blower, Sandy published "Jesters to Testify about Illegal Drugs, Child Prostitution?" based on a court case filed by a former fishing tour operator who took a group of 19 Jesters fishing in Brazil for girls over 13. Richard Schair unsuccessfully sued and settled out of court with a competitor who alleged he used underage Brazilian Indian girls for prostitutes for his North American clients.

Schair then unsuccessfully sued after Sandy reported he'd been indicted by the Brazilian Federal Police. He recently avoided indictment by a grand jury in Miami for child sex tourism but is being successfully prosecuted in Brazil for Sexual exploitation of minors, Rape, Facilitation of Prostitution, Ruflianism, Domestic Trafficking of people and Sexual Exploitation of minors.

After the Miami grand jury failed to indict Schair, a federal judge lifted the stay in a case filed by four Brazilian women who allege he violated the "Trafficking Victims Protection Act" by forcing them into prostitution while minors.

This case was settled out of court after the girls appealed.

Sandy's work has been cited in "Ritual America: Secret Brotherhoods and Their Influence on American Society: A Visual Guide" and was used as a source for "WCTV Update Exclusive: Complaint Filed Against Florida Congressman" and FOX News Atlanta's "Brazilian Sex Case." She wrote the June, 2011 cover story ""Masons Facilitate Prostitution at U.S. Taxpayer Expense" for Namaste Magazine, UK. She presented "Investigative Journalism" at a University of Washington Career Day, presented "Just Because We're Different Doesn't Mean We're Wrong: diversity and culture and how their impact on online journalism can help you" at the Seattle Rainbow Book Festival, co-organized and presented "Diversity and the Medicine Wheel" at a SPJ Diversity event held at Seattle University. She was invited to hold a journalism clinic with the Skyline High School News Staff after evaluating ideas for their own investigations.

Sandy's memberships include Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) and Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). She was the first exclusively online investigative journalist to be featured in IRE's "Extra, Extra" section. She served as a director for the Western Washington SPJ pro chapter, helping win "The Large Chapter of the Year" award three years running as well as the 2008 SPJ "Circle of Excellence Award" for Diversity.

Sandy was named a 2011 SPJ Diversity Fellow while serving on the SPJ Diversity Committee. She has won five SPJ awards, including three for her current investigation. As editor-in-chief, Yakima Valley College was named best community college newspaper, for the first time in the school's history, in SPJ Region Ten (WA, OR, MT, AK, ID). She also won second place, SPJ student public affairs, for "John Dean Speaks Out." She was peer nominated and presented with's top honor, "Random Act of Vineness."

Sandy is the author of "The Cassandra Frost Collection, A decade of writing on remote viewing, intuition and consciousness," "The Story of HollyWolf," published as a gift for her Granddaughter on her 12th birthday, "Vampires of Charity: Secret Societies & Human Trafficking at Taxpayer Expense," and "Pirates of Charity" about the PermaDerm/Engineered Skin Substitute fraud born in the Shriners Hospital for Burns in Cincinnati.

After college, Sandy enlisted in the U.S. Navy and completed the Navy's tough Advanced Electronics training at Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. She served honorably as an electronics technician, maintaining a wall of KW-7 crypto nuke-proof boxes for our Navy's "Hunt for Red October" SOSUS sub tracking network at COMOCEANSYSLASNT, Norfolk, Virginia.

Sandy then "served" as a Navy wife for 11 years, "the toughest job in the Navy." She spent three years volunteering for the Navy Relief Society and was named chief ombudsman by the commanding officer of the USS Belleau Wood, LHA3. As such, Sandy helped the ship's wives during two six month deployments or "West Pacs." She has been married to her husband for thirty-four years, is the mother of three and grandmother of three. She can be contacted at